What are the secrets for effective communication skills?

Effective communication skills have allowed me to create a significant difference in my community, raise my kids with mutuality and respect, save my marriage, and transform many conflicts into positive outcomes.

- Do you have an important relationship that is suffering?
- Do you want to make a big difference in your world?
- Are negative emotions keeping you stuck?
- Do you want to feel heard fully, and learn how to listen deeply?
- Do you want to become a more effective leader, spouse, parent?

When you learn effective communication skills you will:

- Communicate with extreme clarity, both authentic and compassionate
- Learn some key tips for creating thriving relationships
- Transform negative emotions
- Possess essential tools for preventing and resolving conflicts
- Hear the gift in others’ blame, criticism, and verbal attacks without ever being a door mat
- Get heard the way you want to be
- Create more connection, joy, and clarity in all your relationships
- Have tools to transform anger, shame, guilt, and depression
- Develop confidence for conflict situations
- Learn key skills for creating win-win solutions and outcomes
- Connect and listen deeply to what you and others are saying, rather than how it is being said
- Hang in there thru tough conversations in which it really matters
- Learn the four ways to interpret any message
- Gain key tools to resolve internal conflicts and get to know yourself more compassionately

…and much more…

About This Site

I've been teaching Empowered Communication for over a decade, and have mediated many conflicts, both with couples and in small and large groups. And I have used these skills to facilitate effective outcomes in high-stakes meetings. I am a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, a global nonprofit dedicated to spreading effective communication skills.

The content in this website is based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), named such because it's creator, Marshall Rosenberg, wanted to align himself with Gandhi's movement of Nonviolence. It is also known as Compassionate Communication and Empowered Communication.

It is a process that helps us improve the quality of connection with others -and ourselves- in any setting or situation. When we have a high quality of connection, conflicts are fully resolved or prevented, people are free to be more productive, and everybody has more fun.

This website is constantly growing and changing. My desire is to make effective communication skills accessible to parents, educators, positive change agents, and organizational leaders.



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